North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Jason Ferdinando

I am a wedding photographer based in the heart of North Yorkshire. I have three wonderful children and a beautiful, smart and often very patient wife.

Aware of how very lucky I am, I never take any of it for granted, my amazing family, friends & community and my job as a wedding photographer… I thank my lucky stars everyday.

Photography really is one of my life long passions. When I was around 6 my Granddad showed me how to use his old medium format camera and when I was 7 I got my own for my birthday, from the moment I got my first pictures back I was hooked and would take pictures of everything and anything. After studying fine art and photography in Manchester many moons ago, I embarked on a successful career as multimedia designer but photography was always calling me back…

So, around five years ago after moving back to North Yorkshire I decided to take the leap and became a full time wedding photographer and I haven’t looked back since.


I have invested heavily in training and equipment – I currently work with a Canon 5Dmk4, the latest in the 5D product line, with a second 5Dmk3 and a back up 5Dmk2, just in case… I also own many 35mm film cameras and an old Bronica medium format camera.


I have an array of lenses all suited to different moments and moods throughout the day, from macro lens for the rings, shoes or other fine details to a 100-400 mm lens for capturing those special moments from afar. I love my flattering, portrait lenses that are for those private shots with just me, the bride and groom and of course the super wide angle that can fit every one in shot.


I am fully insured with indemnity and liability insurance.