Confetti – the start of the wedding day celebrations!

A shower of love and best wishes from all of your family & friends.

A confetti tunnel is a spectacular way to celebrate the newly-married couple on their big day, with the happy couple emerging from clouds of confetti to cheers and applause from the guests.

If you’re getting married in North Yorkshire and want some stylish photographs of your own confetti tunnel at your wedding, keep reading this guide on how I take the best pictures possible. This guide will walk you through everything from the best shooting positions to editing Lightroom. I will also share some examples of my work so that you can see how I capture weddings like no other photographer in North Yorkshire.

Setting Up And Shooting The Confetti Tunnel

To photograph the confetti tunnel at a wedding, there are a few things to be mindful of.
The first is to have your guests form two lines – one on either side of the walkway and then guide them to throw it as the couples approach and high into the air not directly at the couple.
It always helps to have an assistant on hand, a brides maid or best man, to coral the guests into position, which helps me concentrate on getting the shots.
I usually get into position at the end of the line allowing me to photograph the couple all the way through, capturing them, the guests laughing and of course the confetti in mid-air. 

The Right Equipment

To capture photos in this type of situation, you usually need to rely on ambient light so I make sure my camera settings are set up accordingly. 
I use a pro 24-70mm lens which is perfect for these types of shots because it can zoom in for details or can be wide enough to get everyone in the shot. I also use my Canon R5 camera set to high speed at 12 frames a second, meaning I can grab a whole sequence and not  miss a moment. The Canon mirrorless cameras are amazing at finding focus and tracking even with fast moving people and with an aperture set around f10, I make sure everyone will be in focus.

Post Processing

My editing process is a little different to most.
I hardly use Photoshop, instead opting for Adobe Lightroom. Its really good at helping me sort through the hundreds and hundreds of photos  I typically take on a North Yorkshire wedding day. The way I shoot the confetti moment means that I can choose from hundreds of shots in seconds, the only difficulty is that I usually have so many to choose from its difficult deciding which ones to send to the couple; I usually include quite a few of this moment so that they can have fun choosing their favourites.
As with all of the other special wedding day moments, I deliver these photographs in my signature style; a style that I’m always working on to improve and develop so that I can continue creating timeless, classic photographs for my clients on their most special day.