Bride and groom in a boat on a lake in the lake district with a swan

What’s the best way to become a better wedding photographer?

Never stop learning & practice, practice practice.

pay close attention to what other top-notch photographers have to say about taking pictures and getting clients

So if you live in North Yorkshire and are looking to make your passion into a career, one of the smartest things you can do is pay close attention to what other top-notch photographers have to say about taking pictures and getting clients. Fortunately, I didn’t have to travel far for this lesson; the two day wedding photographer workshop, run by Chris Chambers, near Keswick, proved to be the perfect chance to meet other photographers and learn some new tricks. I spent 2 days training and the rest of the week walking and taking photographs in an area that’s home to some of the most stunning locations in all of England, and it’s just an easy drive away from my home in North Yorkshire!

Lakes, Waterfalls and Mountains

The training course took us to some of the most beautiful locations.

We visited a variety of different places with stunning views such as surprise view in Borrowdale, dramatic mountains, Lodore Falls waterfall and serene lakes such as Derwent Water and Faeryland in Grasmere. Chris talked us through how we should use natural beauty as a backdrop for photography, how to capture moments and poses that we can transfer into other wedding photographs, and what lighting, if any, will be best for each location.

New tools in the tool box

We had a fantastic time with more than enough inspiration for our own weddings. We looked at natural beauty and how it can really set your pictures apart from others, we also got some great tips on posing skills and lighting. These are all things that every photographer needs in their armoury when they have an upcoming wedding! Skills that I will take with me on my next wedding photography assignments.


Was it It was worth it to me as a photographer? Yes I think it was because I have not only learned a few new tricks and techniques that I can use in my own photography practice, but also I could practice without the stress of it being a real wedding…
I really enjoyed meeting like minded photographers of all skill levels and experience. Talking shop with like minded people is in itself an enlightening experience, sharing stories and comparing each others gear is a treasure trove of information.
It’s always good to work with new models and meet passionate educators who make the learning experience enjoyable and keep it real.

Final Thoughts

Has the workshop made me a better photographer?

I think every time you go out with a camera and take a picture you are becoming better. As I have said it is all about practicing, practicing, practicing and learning from all of the micro adjustments, mistakes, disappointments and successes.

Some of the techniques I already knew and some of the lighting techniques weren’t really my kind of thing but thats just down to personal taste. All of the ideas though, whether it be posing, lighting, composition or locations are all valuable lessons that I will incorporate into my practice in the future… So yes I think it has made me a slightly better photographer.


Would I recommend a Chris Chamber course?
Yes, absolutely – it was thoroughly enjoyable, the lessons and techniques were easy to understand, patiently explained and it felt like a very safe space to ask questions and experiment.
Would I do another Chris Chambers course?
Yes definitely – I already have my eye on the Italy trip in 2023… I better start saving and banking those browny points with the other half.
Watch this space!
Chris Chambers Training information can be found here