Pro wedding photographer kit list

What is the ideal choice in kit for a wedding photographer?

Thinking of downsizing my camera gear for weddings…

Ok Ill admit it – my back hurts, my camera’s are heavy, very heavy…

But I love my Canon 5DMk4 it just rocks. Can a smaller lighter camera system give me the results I expect and just as importantly can the new systems from the likes of Sony or Fujifilm be reliable enough for me to relax, not worry about the tech and allow me to just take pictures.

Since moving to a full frame camera with the old Canon 5Dmk2, I don’t think I could go back to a smaller sensor, so that should help with my decision to jump ship and cut down the many options to only full frame sensor cameras.

It used to be that if you wanted a full-frame camera, you only had one option, a DSLR, but now, with Sony’s introduction of the full-frame mirrorless cameras, all that has changed. The benefits of the Sony system is that its light (which is great for carrying all day), and you can shoot silently (ideal when in quiet churches and for not ruining the atmosphere). The Sony A7S II is also famed for its lowlight capabilities.

Full-frame sensors can cope well with low light, tend to have the most detail, and create beautiful shallow depth of field effects, also its now possible to use my existing canon and sigma lenses via a lens adapter, cutting down on the cost of buying a new set of glass.

First world problems or what?

I think the way forward is to hire a Sony for a couple of days and put it through its paces. Watch this space, I will report back and let you know how it went and if I will indeed be jumping ship!

My System as it stands
Canon 5dMk4
Canon 5DMk3

Canon 24-105
Canon 100-400
Canon 100 Macro
Canon 50mm
Sigma 85mm
Sigma Art 35mm