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What is documentary wedding photography

Photojournalistic or documentary wedding photography definitions differ from photographer to photographer. Best described as candid photos, they are images that capture unplanned or unposed moments throughout your wedding day.

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Documentary photos make you feel immersed in the events of the day, as they happen in real time. Little moments, that as a bride and groom you will most likely miss, you cant be everywhere at all times.

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Last minute changes to the speech

The father of the bride making last minute changes to his speech, Grandma wiping tears away as you say I do, the kids having a naughty moment at the sweet counter, a nervous groom taking a moment to re centre himself or your best friends generally having fun. These are all moments that help to tell the story of your wedding day.



Nervous groom at the altarDocumentary wedding photography ensures you can experience more of your friend’s and family’s enjoyment long after your big day has ended.

Groomsmen enjoying a chat and a pint at the wedding venue

Groomsmen enjoying a chat and a pint at the wedding venue

My style of natural wedding photography often involves me candidly taking shots with long zoom lenses. Most people don’t like having their photo taken so can often have a forced look in close up or posed photos. I can hang back, not be intrusive and yet still capture the pure authentic emotion on everyone’s faces.


In effect, a fly on the wall approach and in no way influencing the story of your wedding day.





This photography style means that the wedding photographer has to be proficient in photographing in different environments with often challenging lighting conditions. Professional cameras, lighting and camera accessories are also essential in creating beautiful wedding photographs.



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I also photograph the more traditional, styled, editorial and portrait shots through out the day but those are genres that I will explore in other blog posts.








Bride signing the register

Bride signing the wedding register